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Littig House offers four core programs designed to ensure youth, adults and seniors maximize their learning potential. All programs are personalized to each participant's needs to ensure all goals are achieved. Additionally, education programs focused on school-aged youth are based on a college-and-career readiness model to ensure youth are prepared and achieve success.

programs & services

after school program

Providing students with homework assistance and academic supports through small group or one-on-one support.

Pre-Teen & Teen Tutoring

Providing Pre-Teens (12-15) and Teens (16-18) with tutorial assistance to ensure on-track middle school promotion and high school graudation

adult literacy & education

Provide monthly adult literacy programs with selected books to improve the six key skills for reading comprehension and socialization, along with tutoring for TASC/HSCE diplomas. 



Provide ten-week sessions on  basic, intermediate and advance computer classes for Seniors with youth leaders serving as their buddy

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