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We have developed a preliminary COVID-19 infection prevention plan for the summer season at Littig House Community Center.  This plan has been created to provide clear guidance on our procedures to carry out a successful and safe experience. This page will be updated with additional policies as we continue to receive guidance from the New York State Department of Health (NYS DOH), Nassau County Department of Health (NC DOH) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

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family notices
avisos de la familia

December 31, 2021​ - Winter 2021 Program Updates

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Below in this green box will hold all notices provided to families related to COVID-19 operations at Littig House. // A continuación, en este recuadro verde, se encontrarán todos los avisos proporcionados a las familias relacionados con las operaciones de COVID-19 en Littig House.

Check-In Procedures.png

All adults and children who will be coming into contact of our program (dropping off and/or entering) should take their temperature prior to leaving their home. If the temperature of anyone in the family is of 100.4F or higher, we ask that you stay home.

  • Littig House staff will be conducting temperature checks on-site and will not be able to allow entrance to anyone with a temperature of 100.4F or higher.

  • We will be checking the effectiveness of your child mask ensuring it fits properly and covers both the nose and mouth.

  • If your child is more comfortable with a parent/guardian taking their temperature, a staff member will supervise that process.

  • Parents will also need complete a daily screening survey for their child(ren) each day prior to dropping off their child at

Building & Visitor Policy.png


Due to the current CDC and Nassau County DOH guidelines, visitors and program entry and dismissal procedures will be changed. Each child’s group will have an assigned entrance with the same person conducting the check in. Please anticipate additional time for the check-in process during the first week of program. We are also grateful for your patience.

Littig House has monitored if staff has or has not been vaccinated for COVID-19, including ensuring they are vaccinated at least 20 days before the start of fall, winter, and summer programming.

In addition, all staff will complete a health survey before starting work, have their temperature taken, and wear protective masks the entire day. All staff will also practice enhanced handwashing and health practices, including covering coughs and sneezes.

Staff Safety.png
Mask Policy.png


All children are required to wear a protective face covering and practice social distancing during transportation, off site events and particular points in our schedule requiring groups larger than 10 throughout the facility. Families should make sure to send your child to camp with a protective face covering. Face coverings should always be clearly marked with your child’s name.

Cleaning Protocol.png

For the safety and protection of all participants, our cleaning and maintenance practices will continue to be maintained at the highest standard throughout the property. Staff will be tasked with cleaning and sanitization as their essential role by disinfecting doorknobs, handles, and sports equipment and any other public touch-points in camp. Staff will increase the frequency by using upgraded supplies and disinfectants to comply with CDC guidelines and new industry standards.

Possible Infection at JumpStart.png


In the event a child feels ill or shows symptoms of illness during program hours, staff will coordinate an immediate response. The child will be taken to a designated sick room. Families will receive immediate notification by phone call by the Executive Director or Program Director where alerts will be sent to you via email. Possible infections/ sick child will require families to immediately arrange for pick-up. A staff member will remain near the child for supervision. The child will be required to quarantine as per the current CDC guidelines.

  • Littig House continues to sign and affirm with New York State its compliance of all Department of Health Guidelines.

  • Before opening day, all youth and staff will be required to monitor and record their temperature for one week before program begins. Records will be collected at orientation and again at check in.

  • Staff will be advised to take a COVID-19 test at a local testing site regularly during the designated program season.

  • All youth and staff are asked to not attend any programs at Littig House if they are ill. Littig House reserves the right to not admit those that arrive at any of our programs with symptoms or illness.

  • There will be visitors from Nassau County and other entities to ensure program quality, proper cleaning, and social distancing policies can be and will be carried out safely throughout the duration of our program seasons.

  • We are utilizing both indoor and outdoor spaces to allow for smaller group sizes during activities and will still maintain social distancing guidelines from the CDC as mentioned above.

  • Staff will have multiple orientations on strategies that help reduce illness at Littig House and will be evaluated on how these practices are followed throughout the year.

  • Littig House will provide staff and youth with masks for use at all times.

  • If youth and/or staff are considered high risk for illness, we recommend consulting with a health care provider before attending Littig House to discuss the program environment.

  • All staff and children 5 years old and above are officially eligible to take the COVID-19 Vaccine, as per the NYS Department of Health, and have begun to receive their vaccinations.

  • At Littig House, staff will be hired with cleaning and sanitization as their essential role. This position will clean bathrooms, doorknobs and handles, and other public touch-points in our summer education program.

  • During “check-in” each morning, families are required to complete a quick questionnaire regarding their child’s health in the last 24 hours. In addition to a temperature check taken before allowing entry into the building.

  • Program areas will have the tools needed to sanitize high-touch items like sports equipment, board games, and iPads/kindles.

  • A culture of hand-washing and /or sanitizing will be promoted throughout the summer education program with fun activities for the youth.

  • Youth will be required to wear masks while at Littig House. We intend to make mask-wearing fun by planning activities around the use.

  • Visitors restrictions may be implemented to help ensure the safety of our youth and staff. This may impact family visits and programs during the week.


Update: December 15, 2021

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